The percale bed linen

Percale bed linen is generally made with 100% long fiber cotton (ELS,  extra long stape ), or with organic cotton, that is, with that grown with a low environmental impact. But it can also be cotton (even shorter fiber) mixed with other fibers. They define themselves:

long -stapled those types of cotton that measure more than 28 mm;

short  -stapled ones do not reach 18 mm in length;

intermediate fiber those in which the length of the fiber is between 18 and 28 mm Buy bed linen in Singapore here.

Percale cotton

Egyptian cotton (Egypt is the world’s largest producer of “long staple” cotton (Giza 45, Giza 70) is a long staple cotton (ELS). This has a particularly long fiber (35 mm) and is of a superior quality thanks to the ideal growing conditions and a scrupulous harvesting system, which gives the sheets made with this cotton a smooth feeling. and luxurious. Pima is among the finest cottons in the world and is appreciated for its extraordinary softness, its delicate sheen, its resistance to wear and pilling.

However, the fact that long staple cotton fibers (ELS,  extra long stape ) are also the finest, means that sheets made from these materials are quite expensive: a set of ELS cotton percale double bed sheets can cost around. to 100 euros. While equally smooth, luxurious and durable, non-long staple cotton percale sheets are comparatively less expensive. While all the different types of percale sheets give us a feeling of freshness, in terms of breathability and price, there may be slight differences between the various types of materials they are made of.

Organic percale cotton sheets

Like all other qualities of cotton, ELS long-fiber cotton can also be grown in organic plantations that use organic production systems and without the use of chemical fertilizers or pesticides. Products made with organically sourced materials are often also the most expensive ones. The same goes for organic cotton percale sheets: they are more expensive than non-organic cotton ones. To prove they are organic, all organic textiles must have the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) label.

The Global Organic Textile Standard – GOTS – is an internationally recognized organic textile standard that aims to ensure consumers that organic textile products comply with stringent environmental and social criteria. It guarantees that a product contains at least 70% of certified organic natural fibers. Many bedding brands sell their sheets claiming they are made from “natural materials,” but if you are serious about finding organic sheets, look for the GOTS label.