How Are Syllabus An Important Tool For Students To Succeed?

A syllabus is an educational tool that consists of standards that a student is likely to go through during the course the student is taking. It is a compilation of topics and concepts that the student has to cover before he or she appears for his examination. You can also consider the syllabus to be a contract between the teacher and student about what the student will learn from the teacher and what will appear in their final examination. For instance, a science syllabus secondary school will have all the important topics and concepts of the book that the students have to learn to pass their final examination.

What does a well-designed course syllabus contain?

  • The syllabus is a course plan. It enables the teacher or instructor to prepare and organize the course or subject that they intend to teach their students.
  • It describes the objective of the course, and elaborates the structure of the course, further including the assignments, exams, review sessions, and other co-curricular activities that help the students to learn the course more effectively.
  • It provides the students with extra space where they can practice with their problems and homework, and do assignments relevant to the course.

science syllabus secondary school

Benefits of Course Syllabus

  • It establishes the necessary connection between the students and teachers by declaring the objectives that need to be achieved at the end of the course.
  • It sets the tone for the course by organizing the content of the course.
  • It contains the information that enables the students to succeed academically.
  • It provides the students with an insight into the goals, objectives, as well course structure of a certain subject.
  • It outlines the responsibilities of the students to succeed more efficiently in the final exam.

How does it help the students to learn effectively?

  • The syllabus of a certain course will contain all the information that the students will have to cover before appearing for the final exam. For example, a science syllabus secondary school contains all the necessary topics and concepts of science that the secondary school student will have to learn to pass his science examination.
  • Having a thorough knowledge of the course differentiation according to difficulties allows the students to distribute their time evenly.
  • All the examination question papers are set according to the syllabus. Reading the course According to the syllabus helps the students to score higher numbers in their exams.


A syllabus is an important tool for every student. It allows them to have a clear understanding of the course they are undertaking and it also enables them to attain a high percentage in examinations.