How are IGCSE Schools in Singapore Different from Traditional Schools?

If we look at the differences between igcse schools in singapore and traditional schools then there are many differences.It is being rewarded by CAIE (Cambridge Assessment International Education).

Difference Between IGCSE and Other Schools

Some major differences between an IGCSE and Other Schools in Singapore are mentioned below:

  1. International Curriculum

As we know IGCSE is popular all around the world due to which they follow an international curriculum that is being accepted by some well-known universities and employers around the world. This curriculum is designed in such a way that every student studying in IGCSE schools gets broad and balanced education that will help them in further studies or employment. IGCSE curriculum has almost all the major subjects like mathematics, science, the arts, social science, and language.

igcse schools in singapore

  1. Language of Instruction

If we talk about igcse schools in Singapore then their primary language of instruction is English. It means that students studying there need to have a strong command ofthe English language so that they can get certification from this program. Some other schools under IGCSE do follow the English language as the language of instruction because their native language is something else.

  1. Global Nature

If some students are studying in a school that comes under IGCSE then they will surely be getting more exposure to global things as compared to other schools which don’t come under IGCSE. Students get global exposure in terms of education as they learn about different cultures across the world and different perspectives with the help of their studies. It will help them to expand their knowledge about different countries and the traditional cultures of those countries. Almost all IGCSE schools in Singapore offer some exchange programs and opportunities to study in other countries where students can go and try to understand their culture and get a mesmerizing experience.

  1. Focus On Critical Thinking Ability

A student must have abilities to solve problems in any situation and be able to think properly. The main motive of all IGCSE schools is to develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills in all of their students. Hence, they can become independent at a very young age and start earning that much money to fulfill their daily needs like snacks, or anything. It is one of the most demanding skillsatthe international level, where a person needs to solve problems under different situations to get enrolled in MNC companies.

  1. Additional Co-Curricular Activities

IGCSE schools not only focus on the study of their students but also helps them to develop skills related to different sports or activities like drama, music, and many other activities. For developing students in all aspects, it is necessary to have some co-curricular activities in all the schools.