Direct Mail Printing Services: The Basics

Print-on-demand (POD) services like Lightning Source and digital goods supply businesses that want to sell their goods and services without having to store and manage inventory. PODs are a great way to ensure your business has the right products and marketing materials available at the time and place customers are expecting them. However, if you rely on a print-based marketing channel like direct mail in Oakville, ON, you might be wondering how to get your business’s marketing materials printed. That’s where direct mail printing services come in.


Here’s everything you need to know about direct mail printing services.


What is a direct mail printing service?


As the name implies, a direct mail printing service will print your marketing materials (like postcards, brochures, and business cards) on demand. Your business can save money by not having to print and store inventory while still getting the results you need. Direct mail printing services can also help you with proofing, design, and mailing if required.


Why should I use a direct mail printing service?


There are many reasons to use a direct mail printing service. Printing on demand helps you cut down on storage costs and ensures that your marketing materials are always at their most effective for maximum impact when needed. Plus, there’s no need to hire an in-house designer or proofreader when you need to see what your marketing materials will look like before they’re printed. And if you want to test out different colors or layouts before finalizing them, you can do so without investing in a full-scale printing run.


What are the benefits of using a direct mail printing service?


You can use a direct mail printing service to Increase your marketing efficiency by eliminating the need to print and store inventory. Get more efficient proofing services for your marketing materials if you need them. Save time, money, and effort by paying for only what you need instead of everything upfront. Reduce labor costs because you’re not hiring an in-house designer or proofreader to handle layout and design. Get faster turnaround times on your marketing materials printed on demand instead of waiting on a print run. Save money by buying less paper, ink, and toner than you would if you had to print out the same amount of material yourself. Have all the marketing pieces printed at one location with one account that handles all your printing needs?