How to Write Self-Destructing Private Notes

So privacy is important to you, but you still want to be able to use the Notes app on your iPhone. Wouldn’t it be great if you could have private notes that self-destructed after a set amount of time? You can! Here’s how.

A Separate Note App

The solution requires an additional third-party note taking app. One that’s either free or cheap as this idea lacks any monetization strategy and the author expects some people will just choose not to follow these instructions because of cost.

The app doesn’t have to be anything fancy. In fact, all you need is a way to create привнот notes and add, edit or delete notes within a set time frame.

The app recommended for this solution, SecuNotes, meets this requirement and fits the price point perfectly at $0.99 on the App Store. I would love to use iThoughtsHD for its gorgeous interface, but it’s not free and requires an in-app subscription after 7 days. Sad face.

How to Send Self-Destructing Messages in Facebook Messenger

The process

Creating a new note in pirvnota

When you insert pirvnota into your Notes app, a note template will be created for you. The app has a very simple and sparse interface that’s easy to navigate. You can create as many notes as you wish, add/edit/delete them or search for them. There are no widgets and the only knob available is the time frame that dictates how long notes will be preserved (by default this is 14 days).

You do not have to create a new note each time you want to create a private note. You can use any existing note, an existing email and change the retention period.

Once you’ve created a note, it’ll be saved as usual and all the editing that you’d normally do on it will be synced with the web version as well.

Once you open your web browser, you’ll see the note’s contents in the usual format. There is no need to log in and no need to create an account. Any note you create will be automatically saved.

The magic happens when you go back to your phone. You’ll see your note with the usual timestamp, app name and icon of the current iOS Notes app, plus a small circular indicator (a clock in the case of pirvnota) at the right-hand corner of your note that indicates how much time is left before the note self-destructs. You can tap on the note to edit it before the time limit expires.

The clock icon is really simple, so if you want to insert a more-obvious indicator with a more obvious countdown, you can use something like TextArt+ and add your own self-destructing countdown text as an overlay that will be displayed when you tap on your note.

The restaurant’s online ordering software is suited to the needs of the company

Not only will this ensure smoother operations, but the food ordering mobile app will also save time and money. As a result, the development team will customize reports to assist you in making well-informed decisions. Furthermore, it will provide suggestions on features and additions based on your company’s requirements. In addition to this, the development team will take into account your company’s specific needs. Therefore, in addition to removing the potential of making mistakes while placing orders, inventory management software aims to cut down on the amount of money and food lost due to spoilage. Looking for a software which caters to online ordering for restaurants? Check out NinjaOS.

The restaurant’s online ordering software is suited to the needs of the company. Surprisingly, many restaurants continue to run without in-house online ordering software and rely heavily on third-party aggregators to manage their delivery service. This suggests that you will be competing in a market whose terms have been defined by the aggregators; consequently, you will have very little control over the promotion of your restaurants. Again, this is because you will compete in a market whose terms have been defined by the aggregators. Despite this, you may be able to give your restaurant an advantage over the other restaurants in the neighbourhood if you go the additional mile and independently establish your brand online.

Looking for a software which caters to online ordering for restaurants? Check out NinjaOS.

Encourage your clients to make purchases straight from your purchasing website

A business practice known as white labelling, also known as private labelling, is when one company creates an unbranded product or service and then gives other companies the marketers permission to brand it and make it appear as though they made it. White labelling is also known as the practice of private labelling and is another name for this business technique. Opt for a good software which caters to online ordering for restaurants.

White labelling is a process that is often used for mass-produced generic items, such as consumer goods, electronics, and software. However, in recent years, there has been a rise in the desire for software that can be customized with a white label. Therefore, multiple development organizations collaborate on creating white-label software, which is subsequently licensed to various businesses. These supplementary businesses might then construct their own branded software using the assistance of the white-label programs. Thus, a software program, works extremely well.

Learn How Does Talkatone APK Work

People who want to call and receive calls over the internet rather than using traditional methods of landlines or mobile phones are looking for the best solution. The talkatone app is a newer, better way to make voice calls over a data connection. Download it today and see if it is right for you.


The introduction should explain how Talkatone APK works and why people might be interested in downloading it. It should also not just introduce the product but give some background as to how people are using this type of software or hardware device, as well as any pros or cons associated with them.


If you’re interested in downloading the Talkatone APK, you should know that it offers some unique benefits over other options. While these may not be apparent at first, they are worth looking at before deciding to download or purchase this software or hardware device.


For example, with this Talkatone APK, you can place calls directly from your computer with the same ease that you would use your mobile phone. This is particularly great for those who travel or spend time in different locations than their home; it means they can take their computer with them and not have to worry about missing out on any calls from friends and family members.


This Talkatone APK is also great for business professionals because it allows them to make calls from their computer instead of having to use a landline or the phone attached to their desk. This gives them more freedom and makes it easier for them to communicate with clients worldwide.


However, before you download this software, you should also know that there are some downsides. For example, some find that the sound quality can be a bit unclear when using Talkatone APK and recommend using it in conjunction with a headset rather than just your computer speakers.

Excellent Measures to Take in Cloud Computing Services

Cloud computing can be defined as internet computing. It is a network of computers where information and other shared resources such as software are made available to computers and other tools and devices as needed. It is currently one of the technological advantages for all of us due to its incredibly flexible nature. It is one of the many ways to be highly efficient at your job. In recent years, this has proven to be very effective for business.

During the recession just a few months ago, companies sought new approaches.

They tried many methods but failed until they realized the importance and benefits of these calculations. Now they could get quick access to it. Many companies are now adopting this computing technology. Many enthusiasts expect too much from it, but some issues also create problems.

IBM i cloud computing makes it easy to process business applications and is available at a negligible price. People are looking for various problems related to these computations from an environmental point of view. They are looking after your safety. Many people are left behind because of some of the security issues that come with it.

IBM i cloud

It is truly a business advantage today. Let’s now focus on the main security issues associated with this. The system, when it was introduced, was considered perfect. It has been argued that there is more security in the cloud than in companies. It even applies to many security systems that were considered ideal. These service providers are even in the same crisis.

In addition, the location of the data must always be verified. When you use these services, you probably don’t know where your data is. Who stores your data, and which country takes care of it? But you should always ask your service providers if they are willing to guarantee you secure storage. You even need to ensure that your data is processed in certain jurisdictions. In addition, you can make it clear whether they will undertake contractual obligations to meet local privacy needs on behalf of their customers.


You should always check that you are in a secure environment and that your service provider is trustworthy. However, if you request these services directly, you risk your business because the providers may not provide you with all the details unless you ask them. These services are leading today, but they are not wise if they are guided only by their success; You should always see the risks involved.

What are the Benefits of Mobile Proxies?

            As time goes by, Technology brought so much change to the world.  Nowadays, it is easier to search for a particular place, person, or anything you want to know. Anything you want to know is now accessible online. Many people are not interested in the details of how the internet works.

Every time you are online, you have that feeling that you are in control. Yet, that feeling can simply turn into a nightmare. Especially, without the use of a mobile proxy while you are browsing the internet. Thus, cybercriminals take the edge of this ignorance. Through phishing and committing hacker attacks. You need to teach yourself the basics of online security. First, you must learn what a mobile proxy is.

What is a Mobile Proxy?

            Mobile proxies are like VPN but specifically on mobile. It’s an application that serves as the middleman between the website you visit and your device. So, the data and connection details as well as the IP address you have are protected. With the help of mobile 4G Proxy, your online existence remains anonymous.

Mobile proxies are always original. That means that every IP address has an actual physical device. Mobile proxies can give you actual local IP addresses. By making you look like a resident of the selected region and make you untraceable. Mobile proxies are easy to use and they provide a lot of benefits.

Mobile Proxy Service

Benefits of using Mobile Proxies:

  • Ad Verification- is one of the advantages of using proxies that can profit everyone. The website will be able to know the real user and will be able to pick up the actual device. Once you watch an ad without using a proxy. Yet, if the very same ad is run through a mobile proxy, it will conceal your exact location and device. This makes you be better secured from fraudulent activity.
  • Price Comparison- this is another reason why use a mobile proxy. To make a fair comparison, you may notice some discrepancies in price. This is when you access the same website from other devices. Some vendors show different prices for mobile carriers or different locations. Thus, you can get the actual price when you use a real mobile proxy.
  • Safety of Sensitive Information- internet monitoring is a huge issue in these times. That sensitive information established by tracking people can be used. Especially by whistleblowers, police, reporters, and other organizations to cause harm. But, by using a proxy you can protect yourself from being monitored online.
  • Access to Information- important use of proxies is that nobody can hide information. There might be censorship due to your workplace rules, or country’s laws. Also by specific geolocation has prevented access to information. By proxy, you can still access it.
  • No Cookies- cache and cookies are like your footprint online. Maybe you clear out your cache or cookies sometimes, but not every time. These cookies can also cause you some issues. They will know the content you browsed, once they go back to the same webpage.

Must-Haves Of A Good Mobile Betting App User Panel

Sports betting app is currently becoming a massive trend in the real money gaming industry. More players prefer the most convenient way for them to place their wagers. And to do that, companies visit a site for apps to make sure they have the best mobile betting app. It gives players more chances of placing their bets at any event at the most convenient time for them, even on-the-go.

Developers should make sure that the apps are user-friendly and that they can provide a seamless gaming experience. The gaming app is composed of two features – the user panel and the admin panel. If you want to know more about what’s included in the user panel, then you have come to the right place.

Login Feature

The first common feature you can find in a mobile betting app or any app that you have downloaded is the login feature. To have access to the events and place real money bets, you need to have an account. Once you have signed up, you can then use the email/user ID and password to login into the account.

The player or Sporting Event Selection

Mobile betting app developers should integrate a system where bettors would choose their preferred sporting event, players, or teams, to bet on. There should be a wide range of options for various events: basketball, football, racing, etc. It should also display the teams’ betting rates to make it easier for the bettor to decide.

Live Game Viewing Feature

Most mobile betting apps these days now have a live game viewing feature. It is where bettors can watch the game live and track the progress at the same time. Watching the game or event on-the-go can help the bettors strategize before they palace their bet on a particular team or player.

UFC betting Apps

Comprehensive Betting Guide

Of course, not everyone is an expert in sports betting. Mobile betting apps should also have a betting guide that they can access anytime. It should have information on how the bettor can place the bet on a player, team, or game. This information can be beneficial for novice bettors who gain access to the app for the first time.

Virtual Interaction with other Bettors

Some bettors love to have a specific virtual interaction with others. They like to exchange pleasantries, communicate with each other, discuss their previous predictions, and share opinions about the next events. Having a chatroom within the app makes the experience so much fun.

Multi-Language Support

Also, mobile betting apps with multi-language support are much preferred. Not everyone is comfortable with the English language. So if your app developer can make this feature happen, then you are lucky. Mobile betting apps should be able to cater to bettors of different languages.

The user panel is one of the essential parts of a mobile betting app. It should include at least the above features mentioned to ensure a seamless gaming experience. So if you are planning to have a mobile betting app developed, ensure that all of the features mentioned are covered in the user panel.

The Effects of Ipads in Business

If there is one thing that is constant in business and technology, it is the fact that things are constantly changing. This has helped many companies keep up with the rest, using that technology to get more done in a shorter period of time. There are also many companies that use this technology to help them with production, serve customers and even solve problems in the office. The unfortunate thing is that the technology we use tends to change so fast that it is very difficult to keep up with the changes. Here are some tips to help make a positive impact on your business.

The only thing you want to think about is the fact that you don’t always need to have the newest and the best to be productive. The fact is, technology is changing almost constantly and unless you are in desperate need of the latest computers on the market, it will simply cost you time and money to try to keep up with these changes. If you are an average company, it is probably in your best interest to update every two years. If there have been major updates during that time, such as a new operating system, you may want to consider upgrading as well.

using iPads

Several companies have now moved to a second platform. Although they may be using Windows on their flagship business computers, they may have started using iPads and other Apple-related products. You will find it beneficial for you, especially when it comes to running your business on the road. In fact, with an iPad and an iPad stand, you can set up shop at a trade show to successfully promote your products and even get paid. Of course, you’ll want to configure the iPad’s credit card hardware and software correctly, but once you do, your navigation will be really smooth.

Keep in mind that not only the computers you use in your business, but also the peripherals you use. This is especially important when you have some kind of security issue involved. For example, if you are printing some kind of secure document like a check or maybe a prescription. Not only do you need to configure the network properly to prevent any unwanted access, you also need to have a special printer that limits access to blank paper.

As we continue to improve the available technology, there will be changes to make. Make sure you keep up with these changes without forcing your business to overdo it. It’s also important to understand that you will likely need to continue to improve your knowledge when it comes to new technologies. Keep doing this and you can take advantage of new technology to the benefit of your business.